About Nellie’s Homes

Come visit the only two of Nellie McClung’s homes in Canada that are open to visitors.

In Manitou, Nellie met and married Wes McClung (1896), wrote her Canadian best seller Sowing Seeds in Danny (1908), and launched her national career as a brilliant speaker and champion of women’s and human rights.

Come walk in her footsteps at the Nellie McClung Heritage Site in Manitou, Manitoba – a town she called home for nearly 20 years.

Hazel Cottage

In 1890, Nellie Mooney stepped off the nearest train from Wawanesa to begin her career as a teacher at Hazel School, just north of Manitou. She was 16 years old.

She boarded next door with the Hasselfield family in what she described as their warm and welcoming home, overflowing with books.

Hazel Cottage, as it is now called, will transport you back to Nellie’s earliest days as a budding believer in equal rights.

McClung House

Nellie McClung’s den is hallowed ground so come soak in the inspiration.

Here, she penned two of her 16 books, presentations for her speaking tours and speeches to promote the suffragist movement and women’s right to vote.

Nellie gave birth to four of their five children in Manitou and raised them in McClung House, the first home the couple purchased, in 1899.

Gift Shop

Tucked inside the rustic Log House c. 1884, another original from Nellie McClung’s era, is the gift shop, admission desk & tourism centre.

You’ll find specially designed Nellie souvenirs, vintage giftware and items from local artisans.


Two great museums join forces to profile outstanding women

Manitoba is more than a hot-bed for fossil discovery, it’s also where women’s rights got their toe-hold, thanks to the trail blazing efforts of important women being profiled through a new joint guided tour being launched this summer at two neighbouring museums – the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre and the Nellie McClung Heritage Site.

Nellie McClung Heritage Site restoration aimed at boosting Manitoba town’s tourism potential

It’s no accident that Manitoba women were the first in Canada to win the right to vote—and hold political office—in January 1916.

The province was, after all, home to one of the most famous Canadian suffragettes for 35 years.

A driving force behind the franchise for women—and, in 1929, the legal definition of “persons” in Canada—Nellie McClung is best known today as one of the Famous Five who worked tirelessly to champion suffrage, and women’s rights in general. She was also a legislator, brilliant speaker, and best-selling author.

Today, the legacy of this pioneering activist is kept alive in the small southern Manitoba town of Manitou, population 840, through the efforts of community volunteers who manage the Nellie McClung Heritage Site and lead sponsors like Enbridge, who are contributing $25,000 to the revitalization of Nellie’s Homes of Manitou as a regional tourist attraction.



Nellie’s Homes are open:

May 12 to June 30, 2018 by appointment.

July 1 – September 9, 2018
11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. Tuesday to Sunday

To book a tour, please email us at visitnellieshomes@gmail.com or call


Adults – $5.00
Children – $3.00
Interac and cash accepted

The main floors of Nellie’s Homes are fully accessible.


Main Street & Highway #3 in Manitou – about 90 minutes from Winnipeg’s south perimeter.

1 Main St, Manitou, MB R0G 1G0

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