The Marty Morantz family proudly presents a special Manitoba150 exhibit at Nellie McClung’s Homes in Manitou. Entitled: “I DO – Showcasing 150 Years of Wedding Gowns & Dresses”, the 50-gown exhibit will feature a re-creation of Nellie McClung’s 1896 wedding dress along with gowns from across all of Manitoba’s 150 years and earlier.

The exhibit is showcased in all three homes at the Nellie McClung Heritage Site and is open until the end of September. Admission is $10.00 per adult. To encourage young Manitobans to learn more about Nellie McClung and the women’s movement, the Marty Morantz family is offering free admission to young people 17 years and younger.

The diverse range of gowns come from across the Municipality and the province and includes:

• Nellie McClung’s 1896 gown, sponsored by the Association of Manitoba Municipalities.

• The Trailblazer Collection featuring the gowns of Asper Foundation Co-Founder, Babs Asper, Human Rights advocate, Gail Asper, Allison Filmon Carvey, the daughter of our Lieutenant Governor, as well as CTV’s broadcaster, Rachel Lagace.

• A specially curated Indigenous Collection created by Cree designer, Edna Nabess of the Mathias Colomb Cree Nation

• The Vintage Collection showcases our oldest gowns including one worn on July 1, 1867 – Canada’s first Dominion Day.

• A Prism Collection of our most colourful gowns, representing Manitoba’s diversity.

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